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  [ youjust1tube.com is free & intended for educational use ]

  Why use this: YouTube or Vimeo video can be played free of distractions for your audience!

     - Video plays instantly
     - No annotations
     - No comments
     - No recommended videos in the side bar
     - No suggestions after the video is done

  How to use this: Teachers search YouTube or Vimeo ahead of class time and then make bookmarks
                           or desktop shortcuts using the just1tube.com URL

  To add a bookmarklet that changes any video to the just1tube.com URL...
     Drag and drop this link:  just1tube   to your Favorites bar or Bookmarks toolbar

  To add a Google Chrome button that changes any video to the just1tube.com URL...
     Download this extension to your desktop (disregard the yellow warning bar, click OK)
     Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar
     Select Tools, then Extensions
     Drag and drop the "just1tube.crx" file to the Extensions list
     Click the just1tube icon to convert the URL to just1tube.com

  To change a bunch of your existing bookmarks/shortcuts to the just1tube.com URL...
     Extract this file to the same directory as your files
     Double-click on just1tube-change.vbs to run the conversion